Get rewarded with Marketmium

Make money shopping by earning points on Marketmium from different ways: Purchases, Reviews, Referrals, Signup. Then use your points to pay for an order at Marketmium in the same way that you would use any other payment method.

More purchases. More points.

Earn points from your purchases on Marketmium. More products you buy more points you get to order products or discounts using your points to pay. For each $1 spent you get 5 points. For 100 points earned you get a discount of $1 to buy.


  • Buy a $50 product, earn 250 points.
  • From your 250 points, get $2.5 discount on your next purchase.

More reviews. More points.

Earn points for every single review you leave on Marketmium. For each review you left you get 50 points.

More Referrals. More points.

Invite your friends to signup at Marketmium. For each referral who has signup, you get 100 points. Get your referral link from your account, tab “My Reward Points” and invite your friend or share it on your social networks.